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WARNING: Widespread CashApp Outage! What Now?

UPDATE: Just before midnight Thursday, CashApp identified the undisclosed issue . They slowly restored services overnight and were back up and running at full capacity by 4:38 a.m. PDT. ------------------------------------------ (Youdle) MEMPHIS, Tenn. - People experiencing the frustration of being unable to access or send their hard-earned money via CashApp are in for a nerve-wracking ordeal. It's akin to having your wallet locked inside a vault when you need it most. Don't panic...yet. We have the EXCLUSIVE scoop on what's happening, what you should do and what to avoid!πŸ’ΈπŸ”‘ CashApp confirmed the widespread problem and shared a  link  for updates.            CashApp's support site alerts customers do NOT send money and do NOT attempt to withdraw your money. Below are FAQs to the CashApp meltdown: Q1: Can you cancel a payment if CashApp is not working? No. CashApp is totally frozen. Some people cannot log in via mobile or desktop. Others can log in, but cannot transf

Jackson, Mississippi Water Crisis Help

JACKSON, Miss. (Youdle) -  The community in the city of Jackson, Mississippi has come together after the city's main water treatment plant failed leaving residents without clean water for several days and the situation appears dire as the city's main treatment plant has failed.  City officials say the crisis could last "indefinitely" and they have gone into emergency mode collaborating with local organizations and residents to support each other during this challenging time. In the midst of the crisis, Youdle is releasing access to its in-stock product finder , that is currently in beta testing, to help residents locate clean drinking water in stock.  The city released a list of water distribution locations where residents can find drinking water and assistance. These distribution points are crucial in ensuring that residents have access to safe drinking water. They are set up at strategic locations across the city, making it more convenient for people to obtain the