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Youdle Gives Out Free COVID-19 Test Kits

M EMPHIS, Tenn. (Youdle) - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge communities across the nation, Youdle, a leading community-focused organization, stepped up over the weekend to provide much-needed support to the residents of Memphis, Tennessee. In a heartwarming display of generosity, hundreds of Youdlers were the fortunate recipients of free COVID-19 test kits donated by Youdle. Addressing the Test Kit Shortage In recent months, the Mid-South has grappled with a significant shortage of COVID-19 test kits, causing empty shelves and mounting concerns among residents. With rising infection rates and the importance of testing for both public health and individual safety, the shortage was becoming increasingly alarming. Enter Youdle, a company with a strong commitment to community welfare. Recognizing the pressing need for accessible COVID-19 testing, they took action to help bridge the gap. Over the course of a two-day drive-thru event, Youdlers, as Youdle community members are

Memphis-made Shop Local App Featured in AfroTech

MEMPHIS, TN (Youdle) -   AfroTech , the global tech, investing, and wealth-building platform for the Black community, published a feature on the  Youdle app , which is currently under development in Memphis, Tennessee. The Youdle app began as the Facebook group Product Sightings and is being turned into an app that helps people find products being sold at nearby local businesses in one click. The article tells the story of the genesis of the concept by four African American co-founders to offer users a platform to search and discover products faster. Check out the article  here  and be sure to share it with friends.