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WATCH | It's still a Merry Christmas, despite un-eggs-pected challenge - News24

Youdle News Repost: The bird flu outbreak that caused a widespread egg shortage and price hike is finally under control, according to Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural ... Click for more information .

Olive Oil Is Disappearing from Trader Joe's—Here's Why - Parade

IMAGO / ZUMA Wire Youdle News Repost: Trader Joe's shoppers are reporting an olive oil shortage at their local stores. Here's what you need to know. Click for more information .

Free Survival Blueprint Download: What 'Leave the World Behind' on Netflix doesn't tell you

Youdle (MEMPHIS, Tenn.) -   The thriller " Leave the World Behind " on Netflix has viewers on the edge of their seats, leaving viewer with more questions than answers. Have no fear, Youdle has uncovered the ultimate survival guide blueprint to prepare you for any emergency, be it a severe storm or the end of the world as we know it. Don't be left in the dark – discover the secrets to safeguarding your loved ones and yourself. FREE DOWNLOAD Synopsis of "Leave the World Behind" Julia Roberts ,  Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke star in this sci-fi feature, adapting Rumaan Alam 's novel.  A family's beach getaway is disrupted when two strangers bring news of a blackout. With the threat escalating, both families must determine the optimal way to navigate the potential crisis, all while confronting their roles in this crumbling world. The Missing Puzzle Pieces The film's ending may have left some wondering about the fate of certain characters, but we have